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Aquarius Zodiac Packet

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Aquarius Zodiac Packet.

Each packet contains a mini Aquarius print, an Aquarius sticker and a hand embroidered key chain of the Aquarius symbol. 

Hope you enjoy and thank you for your purchase!

*All artwork was originally designed by Lumi Waves Studio*


One mini Zodiac Print, one zodiac sticker, and a hand embroideried key chain.

Shipping & Returns

I do not accept returns.

You can cancel your order within 24 hours.

Please feel free to contact me if there are any issues with your order.


Sticker - 3in x 3in

Print - 4in x 6in

Care Instructions

The sticker and/or print will be securely packaged when mailed.

*sticker is not waterproof*

If your print is not flat when taken out of the package then you can use heavy objects like books to flatten out or place the print in a frame where it will be flat anyways.